Our Mission

SCRIC promotes welcoming, humane responses to refugees seeking permanent entry and residence in the U.S. and supports undocumented immigrants already here by providing direct services. We educate and raise awareness among our members. We collaborate as a coalition in advocacy and other efforts and support each other through joint events, actions and providing opportunities for direct service.

Our mission is threefold:

Education.  Informing and educating our member congregations about the challenges that refugees and asylum seekers are facing to enter the United States and to be resettled here and about the need to enact fair and just immigration policies.

Advocacy.  Organizing members to advocate for legislative and regulatory changes to raise quotas, increase funding, mandate administrative transparency, reduce obstacles to permanent residence and protect those awaiting deportation and their families.  We also are working together for additional funding for the entry of refugees and to act against unjust immigration policies.

Direct Service. Serving refugees and undocumented immigrants with, educational information, financial resources, material possessions, legal assistance, and personal support in seeking jobs and housing throughout the immigration and resettlement process.